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1. Select a plan
Pick a plan that fits your needs
BrainCheck Sport can help you monitor your or your child’s brain health throughout the year, whether an injury has occurred or not. Our state-of-the-science tests track changes in brain performance, like attention, memory, response time and visual processing, all in about five minutes.
BrainCheck Memory offers you or your loved one a way to measure and track cognitive health. When you are able to point to measurable, objective changes in memory and cognitive performance, difficult conversations about brain health can become easier and more productive.

Ideal for a test drive.
  • 1 user
  • Immediate access to results
  • Unlimited testing
  • Access to past results
  • Performance reports to share with your care team
$25 Per Test
BrainCheck provides rapid, reimbursable cognitive testing for your clinical practice
  • Administer BrainCheck on iPad, iPhone or computer
  • Get detailed results immediately, along with clinical decision support
  • Create personalized cognitive care plans
Ideal for organizations.
Includes all features of the Personal Plan, along with:
  • Advanced user management
  • Unlimited number of users